How to replace an audi bulb

Updated July 19, 2017

Replacing blown or failed light bulbs on an Audi is a regular part of maintenance. And while bulbs are cheap--they usually cost £9 to £13 each, or even less for cheaper brands--having an Audi dealership or your local mechanic replace them can bring the total cost to £65 or more. You can change the front and rear bulbs yourself with a few tools and a little know-how. Note that procedures will vary; consult the owner's manual or workshop manual for your particular Audi for more detailed instructions.

Open the bonnet and examine the area behind the headlights or front indicators. You should see where the wires go into the back of the bulbs.

Remove the cover for the headlight housing, if there is one. This will be held on either with snaps or a couple of Phillips-head screws.

On some models, such as the A4, you must remove the air intake duct on the passenger side to gain access to the bulb. This is held on with two Torx screws on top of the duct.

Remove the two or three screws that hold the top of the headlight housing in place. Loosen--but do not remove--the screws that hold the bottom into place.

Gently push the headlight forward to gain access to the bulbs.

Unclip the wire clip that holds the bulb into the housing, and pull out the bulb and harness.

Install the new bulb in the reverse of removal.

Open the boot (on a sedan) or the hatch (on a wagon), and inspect the area behind the taillights and rear turn-signal housings. There will be a small, round plug in the back of the housing that conceals the screw for the housing.

Pry the housing cover out with a thin screwdriver, and remove the screw.

Pull the tail light housing away from the body of the car. You may have to move some of the rubber seal that goes over the housing to be able to pull it out.

Separate the panel that holds the bulbs from the back of the housing.

Press down gently on the bulb, and turn the bulb to release it.

Install the new bulb and replace the pieces in the reverse of removal.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • New bulb or bulbs
  • Torx bits and ratchet, or Torx screwdrivers
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