How to insert a nose ring

Updated April 17, 2017

When I first pierced my nose, I sought out dozens of colorful rings. I had no idea, though, that their construction was so different-some had ball tips, others malleable posts or screws-and that each required a very specific technique for insertion. But it's an easy activity to get the hang of, and you'll soon learn which type of nose ring you prefer.

Prepare your nose ring. If it has a malleable post, hold both ends of the ring and bend it to create an L-shape. If you have a hoop ring, open it up by lightly by pulling the post from the tubular part of the ring in which it rests. For ball-tipped rings and screws, no preparation is needed.

Place the end of the ring over your nose. For ball-tipped rings, use your thumb and index finger to hold the part of the ring with the stud or sparkle directly over your piercing. For all other rings, hold the end of the post over your empty piercing.

Manoeuvre the ring into hole. Ball-tipped rings will go in with a slight push. If your piercing is on the left side, insert a malleable L-shaped ring by moving your wrist from left to right. (If the piercing is on the right, reverse the operation.) A screw requires a twist of the wrist toward your face. The post of a hoop will go right in, just like an earring.

Adjust your nose ring. While looking in a mirror, spin your ring on the outside so that the metal inside is not showing, which will often happen with malleable posts. For hoop rings, get the post back into the tubular opening by squeezing the ring back together.


Keep your nose rings clean. Before putting one in your nose, sanitize it with rubbing alcohol. Don't attempt to put in your nose ring over the bathroom sink. Even if you think you have a firm grip, the small rings have a tendency to escape your fingers. Insert your nose ring in a location where you could find it if dropped.

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