How to Hang a Dowel Rod Tapestry

Updated July 20, 2017

Tapestries can be a beautiful and elegant way to decorate any room. However, they require a different hanging technique than picture frames but, luckily, one that is just as simple. For a more refined look, tapestries can be customised with decorative rods in a similar process.

Measure the tapestry.

Cut a thin, round wooden dowel slightly longer than the width of the tapestry.

Slide the dowel inside the rod sleeve at the top of the tapestry.

Screw one cup hook into each end and position with the openings facing downward.

Hammer two picture frame nails just outside where the two top corners of the tapestry will hang, in line with the hooks.

Hang the tapestry on the wall via the nails.

Purchase an expandable decorative rod or one with removable finials (decorative ends).

Slide the rod inside of the sleeve and then attach the finials, making sure the finials are on tightly.

Set two picture hanging brackets flush into the wall just outside where the two top corners of the tapestry will hang.

Hang the tapestry on the brackets.


For the dowel version, you can have the dowel cut for you at the hardware store if you do not have access to a saw. For the decorative version, you can also attach tassels to the finials to enhance the look.


Always make sure that your nails and brackets are level before hanging.

Things You'll Need

  • Tapestry
  • Wooden dowel or decorative rod
  • Two cup hooks
  • Picture frame nails or brackets
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