How to buy blu-ray movies in bulk

Updated February 21, 2017

Blu-Ray movies offer the highest possible audio and video quality available in home video. If you own an electronic business or want to start one, buying Blu-Ray movies in bulk quantities reduces the cost per unit. Services offer a discount for large orders, meaning that you'll be paying less than you would if you bought the discs in a store such as Best Buy. This can increase your overall profits when you eventually turn around and sell the discs to customers.

Go to a wholesale club. Businesses such as Costco and Sam's Club specialise in providing everyday items to consumers in bulk quantities. This includes Blu-Ray movies. Use their website or your local phone book to find the location nearest to you. Note that wholesale clubs often require patrons to purchase monthly or yearly memberships in order to shop there.

Use an internet service. Sites such as offer a variety of titles in bulk quantities. Note that you will have to pay shipping costs, which can be quite expensive, depending on the number of copies you order.

Use a general internet retailer. Sites such as or will allow users to purchase as many copies of a Blu-Ray title as they'd like. You will, however, pay full price for each item. They don't offer discounts based on order size; the savings come from free shipping.

Contact the distributor directly. If you need bulk quantities of only certain movies, visit the website of that particular title's distributor. Contact the customer service telephone line for the distributor and let them know you'd like to purchase titles directly from them in bulk quantities. Deals on the price-per-unit can be negotiated based on the overall size of the order you're placing.

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