How to Repair a Hole in a Tile

The major surface in any bathroom is tile because it is easy to clean and has a good resistance to water. Tile is also extremely durable and can weather changing humidity well. However, if you are remodeling your bathroom, but keeping the existing tile, you may find that there are holes in some of the tile pieces where things in the bathroom were attached. Instead of doing a huge demolition project to replace the tile, try filling the hole.

Mix a patch of the polyester resin with the hardener. Make sure to mix more of the solution than you need to fill the hole.

Press the mixture into the hole with the putty knife. Make sure to overfill the hole slightly.

Let the mixture dry slightly so it has a rubbery consistency. Scrape the excess from the hole with a razor blade.

Sand the mixture in the hole down with 600 grit sand paper so that the top of the patch is even with the tile.

Mix colors together from the porcelain touch up kit until you have match the color of the tile. Test the pain on a tile without a hole.

Paint the patch with matched color paint on a small paint brush.

Let the paint dry for a few hours and sand it once more until smooth.


Wet the sandpaper slightly before you use it as this will make the sanding easier and less likely to scratch the tile.


Make sure the resin doesn't dry too much before you go to scrape it off. If it completely hardens, you may end up scratching the tile in your quest for removal.

Things You'll Need

  • Polyester resin
  • Hardener
  • Putty knife
  • Razor blade
  • 600 grit sandpaper
  • Porcelain touch-up kit with several colors of paint
  • Small paint brush
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