How to make tooth soap

Updated June 19, 2018

Maybe your mother was on to something if she washed your mouth out with soap. Many people do not like store-bought toothpaste. The reasons vary, from the expense to the use of glycerine found in commercial toothpastes. According to chemistry researcher Dr. Gerard F. Judd, glycerine forms a barrier on your teeth, requiring 20 rinses to remove it. If you want to stop buying and using commercial toothpaste, you may want to give tooth soap a try.

Rinse acids off of teeth. Before actually brushing your teeth with soap, Judd recommends first getting rid of the acid, because the reaction of tooth enamel with acid is what leads to cavities. Simply drink a sip of water, milk or coffee when you eat something acidic such as a lemon, a grapefruit, an orange, a pineapple, kiwi fruit, a tomato, vinegar, cider and chewable vitamin C tablets.

Use bar soap. To clean your teeth using soap, simply wet your toothbrush, swipe the bar of soap two or three times, then thoroughly brush your teeth and gums. Rinse your mouth with water three or four times. This process washes oils off the teeth and disinfects the gums. The soap kills any bacteria.

Maintain enamel. In order to have good teeth, according to Judd, you must maintain their enamel. You can do this by taking calcium with vitamin D pills, available at any drugstore.

Take monosodium phosphate. You can find this product at various health food stores. Take one-fifth of a teaspoon, dissolve in an inch of water, and then fill up the glass and drink daily. This is good for bone and tooth health.

Take vitamin C powder. Put one teaspoon in a glass and add a half-teaspoon of baking soda and an inch of water. Let fizz, dilute to 236ml, and drink. This is good for your gums.


If you do not want to use plain bar soap to clean your teeth, you can make your own tooth powder, according to a Mother Earth News article. Simply mix three parts baking soda with one part salt. Pour this into a small-mouthed container such as a beer bottle. To make your homemade tooth powder taste better, add to it a few drops of peppermint or wintergreen.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Bar soap
  • Calcium with vitamin D
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