How to Hang a Group of Different Sized Picture Frames on a Wall

Updated April 17, 2017

Hanging multiple pictures of varying sizes on a wall can add great visual interest to a room and give a personal touch to the focal point of your space. These frame clusters can show many things, from family portraits to your favourite pieces of artwork. Deciding how to hang the frames on a wall is much like playing Tetris: It's all about finding the right spot for each piece and then letting them all fall into place.

Select the framed picture you would like to mount in the centre of the group and affix it to the wall according to the type of mounting you have chosen for the job. Hang the picture at approximately eye level between the floor and the ceiling. If you are mounting a group of pictures above a piece of furniture, mount the first frame halfway between the top of the furniture and the ceiling and centre it to suit your own personal preference. Use a level to ensure the frame hangs straight.

Decide on a standard spacing to use between each frame, for instance 1 inch on each side. Using the measuring tape, space every frame the same distance from the frames surrounding it in order to maintain a balanced and cohesive look to the overall design.

Working in a clockwise circle around the first frame, begin mounting the remaining frames in random size order until all frames are mounted.


It is best to decide ahead of time what overall shape you want the frames to be in when they are mounted. To help ensure a better outcome, lay all the frames out in a large open area and move them around until you are satisfied with the layout. Take a picture of your final decision so you remember where each frame will go once you start to hang them. This method will produce a more even design. If you want a random and organic flow to your frame layout, stick with mounting a centre picture then working in a spiral around it.

Things You'll Need

  • Framed pictures
  • Frame-hanging hardware
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
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