How to use a manual pipe bender

Updated June 09, 2017

Manual pipe benders allow users to create sections of piping at the exact angle needed for a particular application. Aluminium, steel, copper and other metals can be manipulated with manual pipe benders. The pipe is bent by the force exerted by the user onto the small handle of the device.

Lift the short handle of the manual pipe bender to the vertical position. You will see a groove on the pipe bender directly below the handle.

Place the pipe into the groove of the pipe bender.

Lower the short handle onto the pipe.

Slide the pipe into the proper position. The bend will begin at the "0" mark on the manual pipe bender.

Lock the pipe in place with the latch on the bender.

Press down on the handle until the pipe is bent to the desired angle.

Lift the short handle back to the vertical position.

Unlock the latch holding the pipe. Remove the pipe from the manual pipe bender.


Manual pipe benders should not be used on PVC. Plastic pipes will snap rather than bend.

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