How to Make Your Own Power Ranger Online

The Power Rangers are fictional characters who are able to morph into superheroes that wear coloured protective suits, from a human. Power Rangers have released many toys, action figures, movies and TV series. You can even create your own Power Ranger online. Creating a Power Ranger online allows a person to get involved and create their very own Power Ranger based on their style and weapon preference.

Visit the Daily Free Games: Create a Power Ranger website page. Scroll to the middle of the screen and allow the game to load. Click "Play" when the Power Ranger screen appears.

Choose the gender of the Power Ranger you are creating by clicking on either the male or the female.

Scroll through the different Power Ranger suits. Do this by clicking the left and right arrows on the right of the body suit "tube."

Click on a piece of the suit that you like in order to select it and drag it to your Power Ranger. It will attach to your character once you add it to the body part.

Continue adding different pieces of the suit to your Power Ranger until you have a full suit. You can mix and match from different suits if you'd like.

Select a weapon for your Power Ranger by using the left and right arrows on the left of the weapon "tube." Click and drag the weapon to your Power Ranger's hand.

Click "Background" on the bottom of the screen to change the background of your Power Ranger.

Select the camera icon or the Power Ranger icon at the bottom of the screen to take a snapshot of your Power Ranger. Print out your Power Ranger or press Prt Sc on your keyboard, paste the image in an image-editing program, crop it and save it to your computer.

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