How to Prune Rosemary Trees

Updated February 21, 2017

The rosemary tree is small and fragrant, and dried leaves are often used in cooking or aromatherapy. According to Heirloom Garden Experts, the rosemary tree grows to about 3 feet in height and though typically referred to as a shrub can be pruned into the shape of a tree. Pruning the tree is essential in promoting growth and should be done regularly to maintain the shape you want for it.

Prune sprigs away as needed from the tree to maintain the shape you desire. Pruning is necessary to encourage new growth and flowers to appear during the spring months. No matter what shape you want the growth to be, pruning will keep the tree dense and full.

Trim entire branches that have become dry or dead down to the trunk of the tree. Trimming dead branches will promote new growth to keep the tree fresh and blossoming.

Refrain from pruning the tree more than 1/3 of its size at a single given time, according to the Gardening Know How website. Trim branches at the leaf joint, then bundle together and hang upside down to dry to use in cooking or aromatherapy.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
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