How to Become a Certified Zumba Instructor

Updated February 21, 2017

Zumba is a fitness programme founded by Beto Perez of Colombia, South America. The exercise integrates a variety of movements and dance steps performed to fast-paced Latin music. Classes are designed to help tone muscle and burn fat in an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Becoming a Zumba instructor requires the proper training and certification before helping others achieve results from the programme.

Refer to the Zumba website (see Resources) for information about the different courses provided by the Zumba Academy. Use the "New Instructor" menu to select a Zumba Instructor Training Workshop nearest you.

Determine whether you want to participate in Zumba Basic or Zumba Gold instruction. The Basic Step programme teaches the foundation of Zumba to students of all ages, while the Gold program is designed for active adults 50 years of age and older.

Choose whether you'd like to attend a one-day or two-day class. The same certification applies to each, but the two-day classes are more involved and are sometimes taught by the founder of the Zumba fitness programme.

Check your e-mail address for a confirmation from Zumba after you've registered for a course. Then await another e-mail soon before your first scheduled class with event information.

Keep your instructor status current by continuing the Zumba Academy courses once you've completed the training programme. Your Zumba instructor certification will be valid for one year before you will be required to renew it.


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