How to Use a Telephone Crimping Tool

A telephone crimping tool connects a telephone plug to the ends of a telephone cable. A crimping tool will have at least one socket that should allow you to crimp any plug that fits that socket. Some telephone crimping tools have more than one socket, so you crimp plugs that are physically different.

Trim one end of the telephone cable with the cable strippers to ensure that the interior wires are evenly cut. Carefully strip ΒΌ-inch of the outer insulation from the cable without cutting the interior wires.

Examine the inner wires. There may be as many as three pairs of wires, depending on the specific type of telephone cable. The innermost pair of wires should be red and green or blue and white with a blue stripe, depending on the colour code of the telephone cable.

Straighten the wires so they lie parallel with each other. Each wire should be slightly separated from the adjacent wires. Hold the cable in one hand so the red or blue wire is on your left and the green wire or white wire with a blue stripe is on your right.

Hold the plug in your other hand so the clip is on the bottom and the back of the plug is facing you. Slide the wires all the way into the plug so that each wire goes into its own channel.

Place the telephone plug into the corresponding socket of the telephone crimping tool and squeeze the handles together. Some crimping tools have a safety stop that allows you to close the crimping tool as far as it will go. Other models will require you to apply the proper pressure that will firmly attach the plug without damaging it.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone cable
  • Telephone cable strippers
  • Telephone plug
  • Telephone crimping tool
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