How to Amend a Divorce Petition

Written by brendan o'brien | 13/05/2017

One spouse creates a divorce petition, more commonly known as divorce papers, who then serves it to the other spouse. The petition is required to start the divorce process. Although the process and documents vary among different states, the petition is generally the same. It will contain areas to indicate property and assets to be divided and child custody terms. These are the areas that typically need to be changed if your spouse's employment changes or if she moves.

Come to an agreement with your spouse or ex-spouse. Before calling an attorney, make sure you have ironed out completely the terms you're amending. Meet with your former spouse or discuss the changes over the phone.

Write out the changes in simple and actionable language. If possible, have the other spouse sign the document. Remember, there is no need to go ahead with the changes unless they are agreed upon.

Call your attorney. Explain to him exactly what the amendments are and why you need to make them. Your lawyer will need to be involved to wade through the legal proceedings that follow.

Complete the required motions to change the petition and file it with the court.

Things you need

  • Original divorce petition

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