How to Remove Moles in a Garden

Updated February 21, 2017

A mole is a small burrowing mammal that feeds on worms in the soil. This means they will burrow into your garden, your lawn and your prized petunias to find them. Moles leave unsightly holes in lawns and gardens, but they do not need to be killed in order to get rid of them. Consider humane ways of getting rid of moles in your yard before resorting to extermination or traps.

Plant a border of daffodils and marigolds around your garden and lawn. These flowers are not only beautiful, but moles hate their smell. Planting these flowers in your garden does not guarantee moles will leave your entire yard alone, but they will stay away from the general area. You can purchase daffodil and marigold plants at your local nursery.

Water your lawn less than usual. A wet lawn brings worms up towards the surface of the lawn, and moles in search of a meal will follow suit. A dry lawn will send worms farther underground to search for moisture, which will cause moles to dig deeper, outside of your garden, or look elsewhere.

Purchase vibrating stakes for your yard. Vibrating stakes are either filled with batteries or solar-powered. They create underground vibrations that will drive moles away from the immediate area. You can purchase vibrating stakes at your local hardware store or online.

Pour used cat litter directly into the holes where moles are tunnelling. Moles hate the smell of cat urine and will not enter an area that smells like their natural predators.

Set mole traps. Scissor-jaw traps can injure or kill moles, so consider this before using. Look for an area of your yard between two fresh mole hills, which signifies a main tunnel. Dig a hole in this area until you reach the tunnel. Place the trap inside the tunnel, then cover it over with dirt so no light can get into the tunnel. Place a bucket on top of the area so that no pets or children can get hurt.


Even though they leave unsightly holes, moles are beneficial to lawns because they aerate the soil.


Mole traps are illegal in some states--check with your local exterminator if you are unsure.

Things You'll Need

  • Daffodils
  • Marigolds
  • Vibrating stakes
  • Cat litter
  • Scissor-jaw mole traps
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