How to Connect Dell Inspiron External Speakers

Updated February 21, 2017

Dell Inspiron external speakers connect in pairs to a desktop or notebook computer. The speakers are designed to deliver superior audio in a compact size, made possible by an external transformer that powers the speakers without drawing electricity from the computer. Connecting the speakers takes only a couple of minutes.

Plug the power transformer into the bottom jack on the back of the right-channel speaker. This is the speaker with the on/off knob on the front.

Plug the audio cable attached to the left-channel speaker into the audio jack on the back of the right-channel speaker. The jack is immediately above the jack for the power cord.

Plug the audio jack attached to the back of the right-channel speaker into the headphone jack on a laptop computer (usually located along the left edge), or to the audio output jack on the back of a desktop PC.

Plug the speaker transformer into a surge protector and the surge protector into a wall outlet.

Turn the on-off and volume control knob clockwise on the front of the right-channel Inspiron speaker to activate the stereo speakers and adjust the volume.

Things You'll Need

  • Dell Inspiron speakers with connecting cables and electrical transformer
  • Desktop or laptop computer
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