How to Use Funeral Program Templates

Updated March 23, 2017

Funeral program templates make it easier for you to plan a funeral during a time of grief. These templates come pre-filled with information that you can replace with your new details. You can modify the templates as little or as much as you'd like, to make it unique to your situation. Programs that offer funeral templates can be found online or in the software section of many office supply and electronic stores. You can find some free templates online, but most must be purchased.

Select a template that you like. Templates range from very simple programs with few sections and no designs to programs that are several pages long with intricate designs and places to put your own photos of the deceased.

Delete as much of the pre-filled information as you need. You may decide to keep most of the writing and change only details like names and dates or you may choose to delete entire paragraphs and replace them with your own.

Type your new information into the designated areas. You may even choose to add poems, lyrics or quotes that were special to the deceased.

Print out your program. It can be difficult to determine how many programs you need, unless the funeral is closed to those who are not invited. You may want to print twice as many programs as you think you will need, to account for old co-workers, classmates and friends of the deceased.

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