Birthday Party Decoration Ideas With Crepe Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Crepe paper can make a party more festive whether you are decorating for a child or an adult. Available in a multitude of colours, crepe paper can make any party, themed or otherwise, more party-ready. You can decorate in many ways using crepe paper. Buy it in rolls or in sheets to create beautiful decorations that will surely wow your guests.


Hanging crepe paper as streamers is the traditional way of using crepe paper for birthday decorations. Using strips of crepe paper, hang one end of the strip on one side of the ceiling and the other end on the other side of the ceiling. If the ceiling is too high to reach, make use of the walls instead. Alternating different colours of crepe paper will make the decoration more colourful. Twisting the crepe papers several times as you hang them end-to-end will add playfulness to your party decorations. Hang crepe paper vertically on top of entryways or doorways. Decorate your light fixtures by hanging crepe paper on chandelier arms or track lights vertically. Avoiding the light bulbs will prevent fire.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Decorating a room with paper flowers for a birthday party can add to the festive mood whether you are hosting a luau-, princess- or sweet 16 birthday-themed party. Create different sizes of roses, daisies, sunflowers or hibiscuses using rolls or sheets of crepe paper. Use floral wires wrapped in floral tape to create the stems. Cutting the shapes of petals and leaves using a freehand style will work for simpler floral designs; however, create a template for each part of the flower for intricate floral designs. Wrap each section in floral tape as you add the leaves or petals. Gluing the ends or areas that connect together will strengthen the hold. Thick sheets of crepe paper can be used to create huge flowers for a fantasy land decoration or use as centrepieces. The use of a 1/2-inch wooden dowel instead of floral wires as stems will make the huge flowers sturdier. Stick the wooden dowels into foam when creating the flower arrangements.

Crepe Paper Animals

When decorating for a child's birthday party with an animal theme, crepe paper can be handy. Using crepe paper to create jungle or petting zoo animals will give them more texture. For example, create a zebra using old cardboard boxes or illustration boards. Add the zebra stripes using rolls of black and white crepe paper and glue. Additionally, you can create aquatic animals such as fish and jelly fish using crepe paper for an undersea theme. Make the heads of the jelly fish by cutting out different colours of construction paper into half-circle shapes, similar to the shape of a helmet. Glue several strips of crepe paper, each measuring approximately two feet long, to the lower part of the half-circle construction paper to create the jelly fish's tentacles. Once done, stick the aquatic animals on the walls or hang them from the ceilings. Creating crepe paper animals is a fun project for the entire family to do.

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