How to Design Your Own Bedroom Online

Designing your own bedroom online allows you to preview what your room would look like in a certain size, with specific furniture, wallpaper and flooring without having to tear apart and reconstruct your room, only for it to come out wrong. Creating a 3D bedroom can help you get an idea of what the room will look like before you design it. Designing your own bedroom online can be done within a few minutes.

Visit the MyDeco website. Click on "Design your Home" in the top navigation bar. In the menu that appears, click on "Design a 3D Room".

Allow the designer to load. Maximise the screen. Click on "Create a new room". Specify the width, length and height of the room in meters. Click on "Create Room".

Click on the "Build" tab in the top of the screen. Click on Walls. Add more walls (dividers, pillars, alcoves) if desired. You may also add a wall extension for a bay window. To add them, click and drag the image to the room. A check mark will appear when it can be dropped. Stretch the wall to the desired length.

Click the "Furnish" tab in the top of the screen. Choose between the different types of furniture to place in the room. Click and drag the furniture to add it to the bedroom. Continue adding furniture until you are happy with the results.

Select the "Decorate" tab. Choose between paints, wallpapers, carpets, tiles and wood. Change the design of your room's walls and flooring by dragging the design to the room.

Drag the camera around the room and rotate it to view the room in 3D in the top right corner. In the right panel, you can also choose bird's eye view, default view, random corner or top down view.

Save the room by clicking "Save As" in the top right corner.

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