How To Become a Anesthesiologist?

An anaesthesiologist is a doctor who administers medication to patients to help them manage pain during medical procedures. He is also responsible for numbing a patient's sensations prior to a surgical operation. After administering the anesthetic, an anaesthesiologist monitors vital signs. If you would like to become an anaesthesiologist, will need to complete numerous years of schooling and rigorous training.

Attend a college that offers an undergraduate pre-med program. During your undergraduate years, you should enrol in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics courses. It is important to retain a high GPA during college if you plan to attend medical school.

Take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), and apply to medical school upon receiving your bachelor's degree. Your MCAT scores can help a medical school determine whether to accept you into its medical program or not.

Finish the four years of medical school to become a medical doctor. During medical school, you'll take classes focusing on critical care, internal medicine and different types of surgeries.

Complete a four-year anesthesiology residency program. During the first year, you'll work as an intern while the next three years you'll be employed as a resident. You need to complete a minimum of four years before you can become board certified.

Consider a fellowship program. During a fellowship, you focus on a specific type of anesthesiology. Examples include cardiac anesthesiology, paediatric anesthesiology and critical care medicine. Fellowship programs typically last a year.

Take your board examinations to become a board certified anaesthesiologist. You must pass both a written and oral examination to receive this distinction.

Things You'll Need

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Medical degree
  • Board certification
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