How to use a golf chipper

Written by vanessa padgalskas | 13/05/2017
How to use a golf chipper
Perfectly place your ball on the green with the help of a golf chipper. (Deklofenak/iStock/Getty Images)

Having a skilled short game is a crucial part of being a well-rounded golfer. Even if you can drive the ball 275 metres (300 yards), you will not have low scores unless you can chip and putt the ball well. The golf chipper club is used on the edge of the putting green. The chipper is weighted at the bottom to make it easier for golfers to get under the ball. A chipper is legal to use in golf for both men and women.

Choose which shot you want to hit with your chipper. The chipper will get the ball in the air a little, but less so than a pitching wedge or sand wedge. If the ball is on the edge of the putting green but not in high grass, you can use a chipper.

Line up your stance as if you were preparing to putt a ball. You can use the same grip you would on your putter.

Rotate your shoulders and take the chipper back one to two feet in the back swing, depending on how far away you are from the hole. Keep your wrists stiff so the club stays straight. You do not want to swing the club hard. Swing the chipper the same way you would swing a putter.

Follow through with the chipper the same distance you brought the chipper in the back swing.

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