How to Do 70s Disco Party Decorations

Updated November 21, 2016

Nothing compares to a party like a disco party! The lights, the dances, the fashion and the music are one of a kind and the decorations are no exception. The decorations are the glue that will hold your disco party together. They will set the ambience that will transport your guests back to the late 70s and make them feel like disco kings and dancing queens.

Use a dance floor. If your party is at home, you may want to think about renting a dance floor that professionals can install and uninstall in a matter of hours.

Hang posters of some of the disco era's biggest stars. Some of the most notable disco stars include John Travolta and Donna Summer, but you can also use posters of stars from television shows that were popular such as "Charlie's Angels." If available, use black light posters for a glowing yet nostalgic look.

Hang bell-bottomed trousers on the walls. Bell-bottoms were a novel clothing fashion that began during the flower power movement of the late 60s, but had enough staying power to remain fashionable even through the disco era.

Hang strands of 70s beads from the doorways at the party. The length of the strands should be approximately the same as the height of the door. The colours of the beads should be gaudy. Colour combinations such as brown and yellow or green and orange are ideal. 70s beads are not only reminiscent of the style of the disco era, they also help transform a room into an experience and atmosphere unto itself.

Place shag rugs on the floor or drape them over couches. The colours of the rugs should be colours such as gold, brown, green, orange and even beige. Combinations of these colours in the same rug will also work.

Hang a disco ball over the centre of the dance floor. The area under the disco ball will be the centre of the disco party. This is where you can shake your groove thing with dances such as "The Hustle."


Garage sales are a cheap alternative to party supply stores for finding groovy disco decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Disco ball
  • Disco music
  • Bell-bottomed trousers
  • Posters
  • 70s beads
  • Tacks
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Dance floor
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