How to change startup programs in Windows 7

Updated June 02, 2017

With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has made many changes to the Windows operating system. How to make specific programs start as your computer starts and loads Windows 7 is similar to how it was done with previous versions of the Windows operating system. Start-up programs are saved in a specific folder on the hard drive. When the operating system loads, links listed in this folder start their respective applications. Changing settings for current start-up applications is accomplished through the system configuration tool.

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Right-click the "Startup" folder in the menu and select "Open All Users." This option opens the folder controls start-up programs for all users on the computer. Choose "Explore" and navigate to the folder for the currently logged-in user to have the program start for only a particular user.

Right-click the folder or file you want to start when the computer boots. Select "Copy" from the context menu.

Right-click any white space in the Startup folder you opened in Step 1. Select "Paste" from the context menu. The program will now open the next time you start the computer.

Click the Windows "Start" button and type "msconfig" in the Search text box at the bottom of the menu. This opens the System Configuration console.

Click the "Startup" tab. This allows you to see the programs installed as start-up options on your computer.

Check the boxes of the applications you want to start when your computer starts. For programs you no longer want to start when the computer starts, remove the check from the program's corresponding check box.

Click "Apply" and choose "OK." A popup window will ask if you want to reboot the computer or exit without rebooting. Click "Restart" to reboot the computer and save the changes. Choose "Exit Without Rebooting" to exit the console and have the changes take effect the next time you start your computer.

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