How to Remove an Audi A4 Stereo

Updated July 20, 2017

While the Audi A4 comes with a high-quality factory stereo system, you may wish to add your own stereo or a DVD receiver. To install your stereo, you must remove the stock stereo. This can be done easily and requires only one inexpensive tool. In minutes, you can have your stereo disconnected and be ready to wire your aftermarket receiver.

Purchase audio removal keys at car audio dealers or from various internet dealers. The set will include four keys.

Insert one key between the top of the stereo and the housing--an inch from the left corner. Insert a second key, also on the top, an inch from the right corner.

Insert a key between the bottom of the stereo and the housing--an inch from the left corner. Insert the final key under the bottom of the stereo an inch from the right corner.

Push all four key handles toward the outside of the radio. The two keys on the left will be pushed left--the two on the right will go right. This will release the clips that are holding the stereo in place.

Carefully pull the keys out. The stereo will come out with the keys. If for some reason the stereo doesn't come out on the first try, you may need to reinsert the keys and try again, as they may not have engaged the clips.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the stereo. Simply press in the tabs and pull out the harness.


If you don't want to buy radio removal keys, you can ask your dealer to release the stereo when you take your car for servicing.


Many people decide to make removal keys using things they have on hand. This can damage your stereo and the surrounding housing and should be avoided. Removal keys are inexpensive and could save you some problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Radio removal keys
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