How to Sell Arbonne Products

Updated March 23, 2017

Arbonne International provides internal and external body care products based on botanical principles. Independent consultants distribute products through network marketing strategies. Consumers are able to obtain products by ordering through a consultant who obtains the products directly from the manufacturer. In turn, the profit that would otherwise go to the middleman now goes to the independent consultants and trainers, making it a great opportunity for self-employment.

Try the products. Attend an Arbonne consultation gathering (usually a party or small social event of some sort), try out the samples and purchase a couple of items to make sure you like the product yourself. You can't sell a product that you don't personally back.

Contact a local Arbonne consultant and ask her what it is like to work as an independent consultant for the company. Have her list the pros and cons for you. Be sure to find out how long she has been a consultant and how long it took her to successfully establish a clientele.

View the downloadable SuccessPlan Policies and Procedures Manual and peruse its information to make sure you are willing to adhere to these regulations as a consultant.

Become a Preferred Client. Pay a £18 registration fee and complete the Arbonne Independent Consultant Agreement and Application Form. You will receive the Consultant Starter Kit. You will receive a 20% discount on products, and other benefits.

Consider the added benefits of working as an independent consultant for Arbonne, such as the 35% discount on products, product specials available only to consultants, the cash bonus program, training and support provisions, and recognition and achievement awards.

Either upgrade your Preferred Client membership with an £52 fee or purchase your first Consultant Starter Kit for £70 to become an Independent Consultant. New consultants must also complete the Arbonne Independent Consultant Agreement and Application Form.

Take advantage of new consultant offers, such as the Complimentary Product Offer in which you receive a free product valued at £65 when you sell your first £97 in personal retail volume (PRV).

Start scheduling presentation events with your friends and family. Have them invite several of their friends to the show. Present the product and sell the product. Make new clients and contacts and ask them to schedule their own gathering for your presentation.

Demonstrate both of the following capabilities as an independent consultant in two of three consecutive months in order to stay on the program: accrue a minimum of £97 in personal retail volume (PRV) and sponsor two or more preferred clients or consultants who also accrue a minimum of £97 PRV in their start month.

Maintain your position as an independent consultant by accruing a minimum of £97 PRV and sponsoring at least one Preferred Client or Independent Consultant (who accumulate at least £97 in PRV in his/her start month) in two of every three calendar months.

Build your business and set goals. Consider working toward a position as a District Manager, Area Manager, Regional Vice President or even National Vice President. With each position comes increased benefits and income possibilities, as well as increased responsibilities and order/sponsorship requirements.


The Starter Kit consists of a presentation flip chart, the Action Plan Workbook to help get you started, brochures, a Consultant Manual, a window cling to advertise on your vehicle, a calendar, the SuccessPlan Policies and Procedures Manual and product samples.

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