How to Relieve Numbness

Updated April 17, 2017

Numbness is the loss of sensation and can occur in any region of the body. The feeling of having a foot "fall asleep" is very uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. In some cases it could be due to nerve damage, but in most cases it is just due to compressed nerves and you can get back to normal quickly by following the steps below.

Rock your head from side to side to relieve the numbness in a hand or arm. The tingly feeling in your hands may be due to compression of the bundle of nerves in the neck. Moving your head loosens your neck muscles and relieves the pressure.

Clench and unclench your fist several times to "wake up" your arm. The muscle movement increases blood flow to the limb.

Stand up or walk around if your legs get numb. That helps loosen compressed nerves in your lower body.

Massage the affected area to relieve the numbness. Use olive oil or aromatic oil and massage in a circular motion to enhance blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Apply a topical lotion like Neurelief to get rid of sore, tingly or numb feet and toes.


Talk to your doctor to find out the cause of frequent numbness. High levels of calcium, potassium or sodium in your blood and low levels of vitamin B12 could be the cause.

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