How To Become a French Teacher

Updated April 17, 2017

French teachers plan coursework, instruct students and organise a variety of activities to help their students learn the French language and develop an understanding of the culture. People who wish to become French teachers must fulfil a variety of qualifications, including secondary education that emphasises both teaching and the French language, student teaching and licensing.

Enrol in a bachelor's degree program in teaching. Your major must identify which school grade level that you would like to teach, such as elementary education or secondary education.

Add a French major to your teaching degree. Some of the courses included in a French program are methods to teach a foreign language, introduction to teaching and public speaking. If you have the opportunity, participate in a study abroad program in a French-speaking country to interact with native speakers.

Complete student teaching. If you want to become a teacher, you must become a student teacher after finishing your bachelor's degree. Many universities assist their students in finding positions as student teachers. You may also request specific schools that you would like to intern at through your university's education department. During this time, you will gain classroom experience under the direct supervision of a trained French teacher. Pay attention to how the teacher introduces the French language to her students and the specific activities that seem to help them understand the language. For instance, some French teachers give their students French names to use in class.

Get your license to teach. To be qualified to teach, you must become certified by the State Board of Education. This includes completing an exam that tests your teaching competencies. The National Board of License offers five levels of certification based on academic background and experience. These levels are license, associate license, certificate level II, certificate level I and permit.

Apply for teaching positions. Research schools that you want to work for or those with open positions for French teachers.

Continue to maintain your French language skills. Read French texts, listen to online radio broadcasts in French and meet native speakers of the language. A good French teacher is one who practices what she teaches.

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