How to create a classified website

Updated March 23, 2017

Classified websites are used to advertise and sell everything from cars to typing services. Websites such as Craig's List allow visitors to post their ads for goods and services they have for sale or are looking to buy. Creating your own classified website is not as hard as it may seem. You will only need some planning and a little technical customisation to get the site up and running. It is always helpful when running these types of sites to have some understanding of the PHP and SQL programming languages even if you are using a preprogrammed script. This will make it easier on you when you are customising the site or when problems arise.

Develop a plan. For a classified website, your plan should include the type of classified site you will be running (if it will be specific, such as just for real estate, or generic), the cost structure (how much you will charge for posting ads and for how long), rules for posts (if you want to keep out spam or pornographic materials), and a time frame for launching the site.

Purchase a hosting plan. For a classified site, you will need a hosting package that offers unlimited disk space and a large bandwidth. The hosting should also be affordable and come with the cPanel software already installed. This will make it easier when you are installing the classified script.

Purchase a domain name. Some hosting companies offer free domain registration when you purchase a hosting package. When picking your domain name, try to find a name that represents the name of your website. For instance, if your site is Reality Ads, then your domain name should be, or something close to it. You want your website address to be simple and easy for consumers to find.

Purchase a classified PHP script. There are many good scripts available and this is much easier than trying to code something yourself. You can purchase scripts just for personals, autos, real estate, employment or general. If you aren't quite sure at this point, you can go with a general script, such as web Classifieds or Noah's Classifieds. They offer a good starting point for posting any type of classified ad on the web.

Install the script and launch the site. For most PHP scripts, you will need to load the files onto your web server and then point your browser to the installation file. Make sure you follow the instructions that came with your script before trying to upload and install the file. Some files' permissions may be set before installing. Use the cPanel's File Manager to upload and set permissions to the installation files.

Customise the images and settings on the site. You will need to add your site's logo and name to the settings in the administration area on the site. Also, use the settings to customise the site to look the way you want it to and not like the generic out-of-the-box look that it comes with.

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