How to Use Eye Wash

Updated May 03, 2018

An eye wash is exactly what it sounds like --- a liquid used to wash out your eyes. This could be because of an irritation, introduction to a chemical substance, or just because it feels good to give your eyes a good cleansing. When you are ready to use an eye wash, do it in the proper way to avoid irritation to your eye or introducing harmful bacteria that might cause an infection.

Remove your contacts, if you are wearing any. Contacts can keep irritants in your eye. They will also prevent the wash from reaching your pupil.

Use the eye wash to rinse the eye wash cup out before you use it. This will sterilise the cup so that you don't get any germs in your eye. Then, fill your eye wash cup about halfway with the eye wash solution.

Press the cup up against your eye. Do so firmly enough so that the rim creates a seal. This seal will keep the liquid in the cup, so that you can clean out your eye.

Tilt your heat backwards and open up your eye. The liquid will clean your eye so just move your eye around. Look up, down, to the left, and to the right to make sure that the liquid is cleaning every area.

Tilt your head forward and dump out the eye wash. Then, rinse the eye wash cup out with additional eye wash so it will be ready for use again the next time you need it.


You can pour the eye wash directly in to your eye, but it will be much harder to ensure that you get the entire eye washed out. You will also use more eye wash this way.


You must keep the eye wash from getting too hot or too cold. The proper temperature for storing the eye wash is 3308 degrees Celsius. If your eyes have been near a chemical, call an ambulance and continue rinsing out your eye until they tell you it is safe to stop.

Things You'll Need

  • Eye wash
  • Eye cup
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