How to disable AVG antivirus

Updated July 20, 2017

Although it is usually not necessary to disable antivirus programs before installing new software or drivers, some installers and software wizards suggest that running programs and applications be shut down first to make sure there are no unwanted interruptions during the installation process. In AVG Anti-Virus, the Resident Shield, which is the main module, is typically the only component that needs to be temporarily disabled.

Right-click on the "Resident Shield" icon in the system tray of the taskbar and select "Open AVG User Interface."

Double-click on "Resident Shield" in the middle of the AVG User Interface window. As an alternative, click on "Tools," select "Advanced Settings" and click "Resident Shield."

Remove the check mark from "Resident Shield Active" under the Resident Shield settings section and click "Save Changes." This will disable the Resident Shield but keep the email scanner and other virus protection features.

After installing your new software or drivers, repeat Steps 1 through 3, checking "Resident Shield Active." Click "Save Changes" to enable AVG again. Close the AVG User Interface window and then restart your computer.


In Microsoft Vista, right-click on the "Resident Shield" icon, select "Run as Administrator" and enter your administrator password when prompted. Complete Steps 2 through 4 to temporarily disable AVG Anti-Virus.


Enable AVG again as soon as possible. While it is disabled, your computer is more at risk from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other hacker tools.

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