How to Make a Trampoline Wrestling Ring

Updated February 21, 2017

A trampoline features the soft bounce that makes it easier for amateur wrestlers to perform moves without the hard impact of a wooden matted ring. A standard trampoline does not provide the real look of a wrestling ring, but with a few adjustments you can turn a trampoline into the newest squared circle for you and your wrestling friends. The transformation works on both rectangular and circular trampolines.

Dig 3-foot holes on the outside of each corner post of the trampoline. If it is a circular trampoline, use the base pipes to estimate the locations of the corner and make sure you use the same side of each base to ensure an even square.

Insert a 10-foot pipe into each one of the holes. Pack dirt and rocks into the hole to make sure the rope is secure.

Wrap three plastic lock ties around each pole and secure it to the trampoline pole. The ground should provide enough stability, but this will prevent further leaning during construction.

Measure out the length of the pole that is visible above the trampoline. Evenly find three spots to insert the turnbuckle. Mark the spots with a black marker and repeat this for the other three poles.

Screw in steel loops to each of the marked sections so that there are three on each side. Hang a metal turnbuckle off of each hook.

Stick an end of the rope through a hook. Drag it down to another corner, pull it tight and wrap it around a turn buckle hook. Repeat this until you have reached the original rope. Wrap the loose end around the turn buckle and use tape to secure the rope in place. Repeat this for all three-ring ropes.

Twist the turnbuckle hooks so that all the ropes tighten. You want to leave a little bounce on each rope, but keep it fairly tight.

Wrap coloured electrical tape around the rope. Overlap the tape slightly with each wrap around to ensure that the rope is fully covered. Use any colour tape you wish.

Add the turnbuckle covers to each turnbuckle. Secure them with the small rope ties.

Test out the ring. Bounce off the ropes and pull on them to make sure they are secured.

Things You'll Need

  • Four 10-foot steel poles with 4 inch diameter
  • Shovel
  • Three 50-foot ropes
  • 12 plastic lock ties
  • 12 steel loops and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • 12 turnbuckles
  • 12 turnbuckle covers
  • Multicoloured electrical tape
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