How to Use a Halti Headcollar

Updated November 21, 2016

For pet owners with large, excitable or unruly pooches, the act of taking the dog for a walk can be a chore. The constant pulling on the lead and ongoing battle for control can wear out your arm and shoulder muscles as well as irritate your dog. Designed to fit and function in a manner similar to a horse halter, a Halti headcollar pulls the dog's head toward the owner as soon as the dog tugs on the lead. By following the steps in the guide below, the Halti will have your pooch walking placidly by your side in a matter of weeks.

Make sure the collar fits properly. Hold a treat in your hand and place it through the loop of the Halti. As the dog leans in to take the treat, slip the loop around the dog's muzzle. While he's chewing, fasten the buckle at the back of his head. Adjust the strap so it sits snugly beneath the ears and be sure you can fit a finger under the chin.

Allow the dog to adjust to wearing the collar in stages. Once the Halti collar is on, praise the dog and offer another treat. Keep the dog distracted for two to three minutes, then remove the collar and offer the dog a few minutes play time with a favourite toy. In this manner the dog learns to associate wearing the collar with pleasant activities.

Repeat this four or more times a day, progressively increasing the amount of time the dog wears the collar until he is comfortable in the Halti for a minimum of five minutes.

Attach the lead to the loop below the dog's chin once the pup is able to wear the Halti without being distracted by it and go for a stroll around the house.

Give the dog time to adjust to wearing the Halti and the lead. When you can make it through the house without difficulty, move to the yard. Once the yard is crossed without distraction, move the sidewalk, increasing the area you cover little by little.

Take the dog for short walks, steadily increasing the time and distance using the Halti until you are able to take your dog for the desired length of walk without struggling.


Expect to spend at least two weeks helping your dog adjust to the Halti and lead. For the first few weeks, play with your dog or offer him attention only when he is wearing the Halti. Once he has adjusted fully to the collar, you can slowly return to your routine.


Do not pull on the Halti when it is attached to the lead as this can cause your dog to have a neck injury. Do not use the Halti with a retractable lead.

Things You'll Need

  • Halti head collar
  • Training treats
  • Short lead
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