How to Attach a Flag to a Pole

Written by resonna shaw | 13/05/2017
How to Attach a Flag to a Pole
Attaching a flag to a pole is fairly simple. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

There are a variety of flags that can be a wonderful addition in your yard or place of business. The height of the flagpole shouldn't deter you from attaching a flag to it. Flagpoles come equipped with a pulley and joining clips, both of which are necessary to attach a flag. Do be aware that there are rules regarding how you handle and hang the U.S. flag, including it should never touch the ground or be flown at night without lighting.

Unwrap the rope from the spokes on the pole.

Pull down the rope until you see the joining clips.

Attach the clips to the flag. The flag will have designated holes to which the clips should be adhered. Attach the joining clips to the top and bottom portions of the flag. Be sure the flag is facing the correct way and is not touching the ground.

Raise the flag by pulling one side of the rope until it reaches the top of the pole.

Wrap the rope around the spokes on the pole using a figure-eight knot.

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