How to Check the VIN Number on a Kawasaki 250cc Dirt Bike

Updated February 21, 2017

In 1977, the International Organization for Standardization established an international, universal numerical code used to positively identify every unique motor vehicle in production. This number, called a VIN (vehicle identification number), is assigned to every Kawasaki 250cc dirt bike as well as every other motorised vehicle Kawasaki produces. Follow these steps to find your bike's VIN plate, determine your VIN and use that information to look up other information on your bike.

Look at the front steering frame of your Kawasaki dirt bike and find the VIN plate, which should be screwed into the frame just above the front forks. A sample VIN plate is pictured, so you'll know what to look for.

Write down the VIN.

Use your computer to log onto a VIN search site that supports dirt bike VINs. A link to one such site can be found in Resources below.

Enter your VIN number and conduct a search to obtain detailed information on the factory standards and registered history of your Kawasaki 250cc.


Some of the most well-known and widely publicised VIN search sites, including, do not permit you to search dirt bike VINs. If you search for your VIN on another VIN search site and your search returns no results, there is a chance that the site you're using just doesn't support dirt bike data.

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