How to Fix the Picture on a Sony TV

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony is one of the top electronics brands in the world and makes some of the highest-quality televisions on the market. One of the best features of Sony televisions is the option to customise and fix the picture quality of your television. From time to time, every television tends to encounter a slight problem with the picture, such as blurriness, rolling, fuzz and fading of colour. By adjusting the picture, you can improve its quality and enjoy watching your favourite films and television shows in bright and vibrant colours with a clear, crisp picture.

Use your Sony TV's remote control to access the on-screen menu. If you have an older TV, the menu buttons to adjust the picture will be located somewhere on the TV itself.

Use the volume control buttons on your Sony remote to adjust the colour of your Sony TV. Adjust the colour until you get vibrant colours in the picture. Be sure not to turn the colours up too much, or else it will look odd and unnatural and may turn the picture green.

Readjust the brightness of your Sony television. If the picture on your screen seems dark and dull, you will need to turn the brightness up, but if the picture hurts your eyes, you may need to turn it down. Take into consideration the lighting of the room where you watch television when adjusting the brightness.

Consult the Sony manual for your television. These manuals come with settings for watching certain types of programs and shows in certain types of environments to help you maximise the quality of your television's picture.

Check the coaxial cables that connect to your television. These wires are run from the wall to your TV so that you can get cable television channels. If your picture starts rolling or gets fuzzy, one of these wires may have come loose. Check the connection and if the wires are loose, just twist the metal connector and tighten them up.

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