How to Find Charity Ratings Before you Donate

Updated April 12, 2017

Donating to charitable organisations is a fantastic way to give back to the community. While most philanthropic institutions make a point of being transparent about their fundraising and spending activities, it can be difficult to make sense of this information. Fortunately, there is one place you can visit to review and compare the financial details and ratings of thousands of charities.

Connect to the Internet and open your web browser.

Go to Charity Navigator (see Resources.)

Enter your e-mail address under "Become a Registered User" and click "Submit."

Open your e-mail inbox, open the email from "Charity Navigator Admin" and click on the link to confirm your e-mail address.

Type the name of the first charity you wish to find the rating of and click "Go."

Click on the name of the appropriate charity to reveal its rating and financial information. The rating will appear in "Stars" underneath the name of the charity with the highest rating being 4 stars, and the lowest rating being 1 star.

Click the check-box next to between 2 and 5 charities in your "search results" page and click "compare charities" to compare the ratings of different organisations.

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