How to Copy PVR Movies to DVD

Updated February 21, 2017

If your PVR is running out of space from several recorded movies, or if you copy them to something more portable, you can copy any PVR-recorded movies over to DVD. Any DVD recorder can be hooked up to the PVR to record its movies. In order for you to record any PVR movies to DVD and then play them back on the TV (while still being able to watch live TV at any time), you must connect them so the signal goes from the cable/satellite box to the PVR to the DVD recorder to the TV.

Get a DVD recorder, making sure you know which type of recordable DVDs it uses, like DVD- or DVD+. Since you are working with another recorder and not live TV, a tunerless DVD recorder can work. Get a set of recordable DVDs as well.

Disconnect your PVR from the TV set. If they are linked through an RF coaxial cable, disconnect it at both ends and put the cable away (most DVD recorders don't use RF coaxial cables). If it uses RCA cables, unplug all three RCA plugs from the TV end. Don't mess with the connection between the PVR and cable/satellite box.

Connect the PVR's output to the DVD recorder's input. If the PVR was connected to the TV with an RCA composite cable (yellow, white and red plugs), you can use that. A component video cable (red, green and blue) with a separate RCA audio cable (red and white only) works better.

Connect the DVD recorder's output to the TV. On an older set, composite cables might be your only option. Newer sets, especially LCD HD TVs, will have a component video connection you can use.

Plug in the DVD recorder. Make sure all other devices are plugged in as well. Turn on the TV and cable box. Confirm that the TV signal still appears.

Insert a blank recordable DVD into the recorder. Play a movie from the PVR. Push the DVD's record button to begin recording. The exact procedure can vary depending on the recorder, so read over the entire manual first.

Play back the DVD after recording to confirm the movie was successfully copied. To view the disc, switch the TV over to the DVD's signal. Push the "video" button on the TV, or push the "input" button and select the cable connection you used from the input menu.

Things You'll Need

  • PVR
  • DVD recorder
  • TV set
  • Audio/video cables
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