How to Put Together an 8-Band Puzzle Ring

Updated February 21, 2017

A puzzle ring is a fun gift that can be assembled over and over again. Part of the fun is in trying to put the ring together. If you get stuck, however, there is an easy solution. Follow these instructions to assemble your 8-band puzzle ring.

Take bands 1 and 2 and hold them together in a diamond shape. These form the outside bands. Bring bands 6 and 8, followed by 5 and 7, up so they rest on either side of bands 1 and 2.

Grasp band 4, with the number facing you, and let the others go. Bring up band 3 parallel to band 4. Turn number 3 clockwise for a 180 degree rotation. Bands 3 and 4 should now fit together and hold the rest in place.

Turn the first band on the side with bands 8 and 3, and rotate it until the odd-shaped part is on the inside and the V-shaped part is over the remaining bands. Pull up against band 3.

Rotate band 7 till the odd-shaped part is on the inside, and the V-shape is over the loose bands. Bring it up with the assembled ones, as you did at the end of Step 3.

Follow this step with bands 6, then 5, and finally band 2. Rotate band 1 around to put the odd-shaped part on the inside and the V-shape under band 2. The ring should fall into place.

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