How to Inflate Taylor Made Boat Fenders

Boat owners use fenders, or inflatables, to protect the hull against rubbing action that may arise from a dock or boat traffic. Taylor Made Products is a leading manufacturer of boat fenders, with more than ten different models available as of 2010. Most boat fenders, including those manufactured by Taylor Made Products, are made of durable vinyl and subsequently filled with air for cushion. After considerable time under pressure and rubbing on docks, fenders can slowly leak air and flatten out.

Check which model of Taylor Made boat fender that you have. Certain models, such as the Survivor Twin-Eye or CRT fenders, have hidden, built-in pumps to inflate the fender. Other models require an air compressor or a hand pump to inflate them.

Unscrew the plastic covering plug with a medium-sized, flathead screwdriver, if applicable for the model. Many Taylor Made boat fenders do not have this covering plug, so you may skip this step. The plug is located on one of the ends of the fender, near the eyelet for the line attachment.

Place the head of the air compressor into the top of the black valve located in one end of the fender, if using an air gun. If using a hand pump, you will need to insert the inflation needle on the pump into the middle hole of the valve.

Press the lever on the air compressor and fill the fender with air. If using a hand pump, initiate an up and down pumping action on the pump's handle. You have properly inflated the fender when the entire body is stiff, much like a balloon filled with air.

Replace the screw plug, if applicable for the model.


The recommended maximum inflation on most fender models is up to 2 psi (pounds per square inch). If inflating a Taylor Made boat fender that has a Bi-Valve, it is best to use an air compressor with a smaller or flexible tip on the air gun (see References).


Do not overinflate your fenders, as they could weaken the vinyl or, even worse, explode.

Things You'll Need

  • Air compressor or hand pump
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