How to Set Up a Dog Pull Cart

Updated April 17, 2017

You can set up a dog pull cart to train your dog for show, or to have your dog work pulling things for you. Some breeds, such as northern breeds and huskies, are built for pulling. Other breeds, such as retrievers, can be trained to pull carts. It is important to set up the right type of pull cart for your dog so he won't be injured.

Find a cart that you can use for your dog to pull. It can be a sled, a three-wheeled cart for working around the house, an old wagon, a golf cart or go kart, or any other type of vehicle that you can use. It needs to have wheels that turn for pulling in the warm months or climates, or sleds on the bottom for pulling in the cold months or climates.

Strip everything out of the dog pull cart. Take out any motors, seats or pieces that are not absolutely necessary for the cart to roll or be pushed. Remove any steering wheels, storage bins or decorative pieces to make the cart as light as possible. Remember, you always can add weight later is necessary.

Attach a U-bolt to the front of the cart. It should be placed about 2" above the bottom of the cart.

Set up your gangline. This is the line that your dog uses to pull the cart. It should be a long line made out of nylon or rope. Buy a gangline if you aren't confident that you can make one correctly. The gangline should be made of a material that will not break or get tangled, and should be at least four feet long if you are only using one or two dogs. If you are using three or four dogs, it should be eight feet long. For five or six dogs, it should be 12 feet long, and so on.

Attach two lines to the gangline for each dog you will have pulling the cart. The first line, called a tug line, should be secured about 1 foot from the U-bolt on the gangline. It should be at least 2 feet long. The second line, called the neck line, should attach at the four foot mark. If you have additional dogs, attach tug lines and neck lines to the gangline following the length suggestions listed for one dog, but further up on the line.

Put a harness on your dog. Buy a dog harness meant for pulling.

Attach the gangline to the U-bolt.

Attach the tug line to the back of your dog's harness and the neck line to your dog's collar.

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