How to Remove Write Protection From SanDisk

Updated April 17, 2017

External storage can be very useful for the easy transfer of files between computers. Nowadays many people own and work on multiple computers--at the very least both a desktop and laptop. There are many forms of storage devices and each has its own advantages. Certain forms of external storage, such as memory cards, have an added feature that allows you to lock the card so the data recorded on it does not unintentionally get erased. Sometimes, however, this lock can get activated by accident and you need to know how to open it in order to be able to add new data to the card. Here are some helpful tips when using SanDisk products.

Know that each SD card and mini SD card has a switch that can slide up or down. This switch is usually labelled with the word "Lock."

Slide this switch down to the locked position. If you plug the card into a card reader, you'll see you cannot copy files onto the card.

In order to keep the switch from accidentally sliding down into the locked position, you can tape it down with tape. A small piece or two placed over the switch can hold it in place.

Using Windows XP, plug your flash drive into a free USB port.

Open "My Computer."

Right-click on the letter of your flash drive (usually F:/ or G:/) and select "Properties."

Click on the sharing tab to make it active.

Click "Permissions."

Check the "Allow" box next to "Full Control."

Things You'll Need

  • SanDisk SD card or
  • SanDisk mini SD card or
  • SanDisk cruzer flash drive
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