How to make fragrance oils for diffusers

Diffusers are a distinguished way to add a sweet fragrance to a room. They are unobtrusive, yet deliver the fragrance very well. There are no concerns about fire, as with candles. No need for electricity, as with plug-in room deodorisers. There is also no need to pay top dollar for a new diffuser kit, when you can make your own fragrance oil.

Pour about 118ml of safflower oil into your diffuser bottle. Safflower oil is light and a good carrier for essential oils. It will not gum up your reeds as fast as vegetable oil and is readily available.

Add 12 drops of essential oils. This can be just one scent if there is just one you like a lot, or it can be a mix of two or three fragrances. If you are using more than one, try adding just two drops of the strongest scent, then 3 or 4 of the next strongest smell, and then 6 drops of the lightest fragrance.

Thin the oils by adding a tablespoon of vodka to the mix. It will liquefy the oil mixture so that it can travel up the reeds.

Cover the bottle and gently swirl it around to mix up the ingredients. Do not open it until you are ready to start using it, as the essential oils will start to evaporate.

Add your reeds and start to use your diffuser. Another option is to make a double batch and keep it in a tightly closed bottle in a dark place. Refill your diffuser as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Safflower oil
  • Essential oils
  • Vodka
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