How to Build a Woodworking Bench

Updated February 21, 2017

Do you enjoy working with wood or building your own projects? For any do-it-yourselfer, a woodworking bench is a necessity. It is the centre of your workshop and the place where your plans come together. You can actually design and build your own woodworking bench to fit your individual style and tastes. Design your bench for the tools you need the most and you will enjoy spending time working at your new woodworking bench.

Lay two of the 4-foot posts on the ground parallel to each other about 6 feet apart. On the top edge of the posts, lay out one of the 2-by-4-inch-by-6-foot studs. Square up the stud with the post so that it is at a 90-degree angle with the post and bring the stud flush with the outside edge of the post. Nail stud to the post with galvanised nails and repeat process on opposite end of stud with the other 4-foot post. Measure from the bottom of one of the posts 12 inches and mark that point. Do the same for the opposite post. Lay a 6-foot stud across the posts so that the top edge of the stud is on the lines you just drew and secure stud to the posts with nails. Repeat this process with two more 4-foot posts and two 6-foot studs.

Cut two of the 6-foot studs in half so that you have four 3-foot stud pieces. Nail one of the 3-foot studs to the top edge of the post and 6-foot stud frames by lining up the 3-foot stud at a 90-degree angle to the 6-foot stud. Overlap the 6-foot stud and bring the 3-foot piece flush with the outer edge of the 6-foot stud. Repeat this process on the opposite end of the 3-foot stud with the remaining post and stud frame. Nail another 3-foot stud to the edges of the 6-foot studs that are 12 inches from the bottom. Repeat the same process on the opposite side of the 6-foot studs with the remaining two 3-foot sections. This should give you the standing framework for your woodworking bench.

Cut the four pieces of 1-by-4-inch-6-foot pine trim in half, leaving you with eight 1-by-4-inch-3-foot sections. Lay one of the 3-foot pine trim boards across the lower 6-foot studs, 8 inches from either end of the stud to the centre of the 1-by-4-inch trim and nail to the 6-foot studs. Lay out the remaining trim boards at 8 inches on centre and nail to studs. Continue this across the length of the studs.

Lay 1-by-36-by-72-inch pine panel across the top of the framework and square up the edges of the framework with the corners of the pine panel. Secure pine panel to the framework with nails. Your woodworking bench is complete and ready to enjoy.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 4-by-4-inch-by-4-foot pressure-treated posts
  • 6 2-by-4-inch-by-6-foot pine studs
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • 2 1/2-inch galvanised nails
  • Hammer
  • 4 1-by-4-inch-6-foot pine trim
  • 1-by-36-by-72-inch pine panel
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