How to build a wooden shooting bench

Updated April 17, 2017

Shooting is a lifetime sport that can be fun for the whole family. Whether you are shooting a big bore long range gun or a small calibre "plinking" gun, it is always easier to shoot from a bench. Shooting benches not only provide a place to take a rest but also a place to lay your gun, shells and accessories while you change targets or prepare for the next shot. Manufactured shooting benches exist; however, building your own wooden shooting bench is easy enough for any shooting enthusiast and will save you money, too.

Begin by determining the position of your shooting bench. You want to have a good, clear view of the target area, with backstops firmly in place and not be shooting in the direction of any dwellings or roads.

Dig five holes with the auger or post hole diggers. You should have four corner holes and a single hole in the centre, all of which are 3 feet deep. The sides of your rectangular hole formation should be 5 feet long, and the front and back ends should be 3 feet apart.

Drop a six foot length of 4" x 4" treated lumber in each hole, use the level to determine squareness, and then pour 2 bags of Quikrete into each hole. Fill each hole with water from the garden hose and then shovel extra dirt from digging the holes in on top of the Quikrete and water. Allow all posts to cure (wait 24 hours).

Cut the two rear 4" x 4" posts to a height of 24 inches and then connect them by screwing a 2" x 4" piece of lumber on either side of the posts. Lay a decking board on top of the 2" x 4" frame lengthwise and then screw down tight with the wood screws to form your seat.

Connect the three remaining 4" x 4" posts with 2" x 4" lumber to form a triangle and then cut decking boards to length and screw them down with the wood screws to form a tabletop on which to rest your gun and ammo. The shooting bench is built into a triangle to allow either right- or left-hand shooters to get a rest off of the bench.


You can save money and skip building the seat if you want. Just bring a chair to sit in while shooting.


Always wear gloves, ear protection and safety glasses when cutting and working with wood.

Things You'll Need

  • 4" x 4" posts
  • Treated decking boards
  • Post hole diggers or auger
  • 3" wood screws
  • Circular saw
  • 2" x 4" lumber
  • Quikrete
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