How to Make Bed Base for a Box Spring Mattress

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a bed base for a box spring mattress requires slats rather than a solid base so the spring effect will not be lost. Elevate your bed base with posts for both height and storage. The level of building expertise required for this project is minimal and you can complete it quickly once your materials are assembled and sized.

Purchase your materials at your local home improvement store or lumber warehouse and have them cut the planks to size for you. The sizes indicated here are for a full size bed base, so make any adjustments needed to fit your box spring mattress.

Attach one metal brace at the end of one 75-inch-long 2x6 oak plank, in the centre of the 6-inch face. Bring one of the 39-inch-long 2x6 planks flush to the edge of the end with the face against the brace. Attach the brace where it meets the 39-inch 2x6. Repeat this process until all four 2x6 planks are attached together, forming the 75x39--inch frame for your bed base.

Space the 2x4 planks evenly across the top of your bed base frame. Attach the 2x4 planks to the 2-inch edge of your bed base frame with wood screws.

Attach one metal brace to each decorative bed post at the height you prefer for your bed base. Measure carefully, making sure your height is level for each post.

Attach the angle of the brace coming out from your posts to the underside the bottom edge of each corner of your bed base.

Finish the bed base with stain to bring out the beauty in your oak panels, or prime and paint it to colour coordinate with your bedroom.


Drill pilot holes for the screws before you try to insert them into the hardwood.


Wear gloves when working with unfinished wood.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 2x6 oak planks, 75 inches long
  • 2 2x6 oak planks, 39 inches long
  • 7 2x4 oak planks, 39 inches long
  • 4 decorative posts
  • 8 metal braces, 90 degree angle
  • Wood screws and screwdriver
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