Homemade Fluorescent Paint

Updated April 17, 2017

Fluorescent or glow paint is invisible when viewed under daylight or standard light bulb lighting. When viewed under a black light, however, the fluorescent light becomes vibrant and highly visible by reflecting the light is has absorbed. You can easily make your own fluorescent paint by using fluorescent glow powders and clear paint, which allows you to get exactly the colours and quantities of paint you need.

Pour clear paint into a large container with measurements on the side. Let the paint settle in the container so you can take an accurate reading.

Add 10 per cent of the volume of paint in powder. So, if you use 10 cups of paint, add 1 cup of powder.

Mix the powder thoroughly into the paint, using a wooden paint stirrer. Get all the paint in the corners and on the bottom of the container.

Test the paint on a small surface of the area you want to paint. If the colour is not to your liking, slowly add more powder until you are happy with the results.


You can get both water- or oil-safe powders, so you can use either water- or oil-based paints, according to which powders you have access.


Never mix glow powders, or the fluorescence will be diminished.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear paint
  • Large container with measurements
  • Glow powder
  • Wooden paint stirrer
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