How to Erase an eBay Account

A website as large as eBay can be overwhelming at times, sometimes making manoeuvring a bit difficult for its users. If you have an eBay account and are no longer interested in being a member of the big auction site, it is your right to erase your account along with your personal information. Know that eBay does offer a cancellation option, but does warn its users that once an account is permanently erased, it cannot for any reason be reopened.

Go to the eBay home page and click the "Help" button with your mouse. The "Help" button is up at the top right corner of your computer screen.

Click on the link that reads "Managing Your Account." This link can be found in the centre of your screen under the heading "Membership and Account."

Next, click on the link that reads "How do I close my account?" This link is located in the centre of your computer screen under the topic "Top Questions."

Scroll down to the bottom of your computer screen and you will see a long link that reads "To close your account permanently, please submit a formal request to close the account". This link is listed under the heading "How do I close my eBay account?," and is preceded by an explanation of the procedure that eBay enforces pertaining to the closing of an account.

Submit the formal request to close your account as eBay suggests by clicking on the "To close your account permanently, please submit a formal request to close the account" link. You will then be taken to another screen which will ask you the reason for closing your eBay account. Answer the questions, and eBay will offer you alternatives to permanently erasing your account.

Be persistent. eBay will list alternatives in lieu of closing your account. Continue to press on, and close your account, in spite of the barrage of questioning that you must first go through to get to the end result. Once you have answered all of the questions, permanently close your account by indicating "Yes," you would still like to permanently delete your eBay account. Your request will then be submitted. Finally, eBay will send an official notice of cancellation to your active e-mail address.


Before closing your account, you may want to first contact customer service to find out if there is some way that your needs can be met without permanently erasing your eBay account. It is also a good idea to use your PayPal account to fulfil any financial obligations that you owe to sellers or buyer's before requesting that your eBay account be erased.


Make sure that you have tied up any loose ends before requesting a cancellation of your eBay account. If you have any outstanding balances that you owe, or you have sales that have not been completed, eBay will not honour your request. Also, be aware that there is a 180-day waiting period that protects all sellers and buyers. The 180-day wait period gives all parties an opportunity to fulfil necessary agreements before an account is officially closed.

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