How to get free make up samples

There are ways to get free make-up samples other than working for a cosmetics company or typing in "makeup freebies" on Internet search engines. While you will almost certainly find success even if you try only one of the suggestions listed here, experiment with all of them if you are on the lookout for several new products to add to your make-up kit. With luck, you'll find yourself the recipient of not only sample sizes, but full-size items from the most reputable make-up brands.

Look through the latest beauty magazine issues to find out which brands or companies are currently giving out make-up samples. Some of these may be a "free gift with purchase" promotion, but you will be able to find completely free samples as well. You don't have to subscribe to any of these magazines--check at your local library or with a friend who has subscriptions to women's magazines.

Ask at department store make-up counters if they are giving away samples. If there is a particular product you want to try, ask about it to increase your chances of being handed a sample. You will more likely get it--even if the company does not have any advertised giveaways at the moment--if you appear to be an interested buyer. Try this when it is not busy at the make-up counter, so that a salesperson can attend to you without taking time away from paying customers.

Visit the websites of your favourite beauty brands on a regular basis. Don't assume that high-end companies won't be giving out samples. They do, and sometimes all you need to do to get samples mailed out to you is pay for shipping and handling.

Keep an eye out when shopping at the drugstore. There may be promotions where you can get two products for the price of one. Sometimes the free item is already attached to or packaged with another product. Some units of the same product may not have the free item attached, yet you will be paying the same amount whether you get the free item or not.

Attend make-up parties in your neighbourhood. Independent sales representatives for cosmetics companies host open house events to get the word out about their products. You may get more than free samples; free makeovers are common at such events. You can find out about any upcoming ones by checking for notices on community notice boards and online notice boards for your area. The chances of being invited to one increase if you express your interest to attend these events through your online social networking profiles.


Be pleasant and courteous when asking for samples at make-up counters as the salesperson is going out of her way for you. To receive samples even when you don't ask, become a regular paying customer.

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