How to make roman soldier costumes

Updated November 21, 2016

Roman soldier costumes are not just favourites for Halloween parties; they are also popular for Easter pageants and fraternity events. Making a Roman soldier costume is a process of collecting pieces that fit together until the final look is accomplished. The more pieces you add to the outfit, the more elaborate and accurate it becomes. Start the costume with a basic tunic and build up from there.

Sew a basic tunic, which is like a long red T-shirt. It should come down to about the middle of the knee cap. Most tunics to be worn under Roman armour were bright red.

Tie a pair of leather cords to the top of leather sandals and wrap them around and up the leg to the mid shin, like the ribbons on a pair of ballet slippers. Tie the two cords in a square knot.

Make a leather apron. Cut four or five brown leather belts in quarters and glue or sew them across the middle back of a belt the size of your waist. The belt pieces should hang down from the belt to form an apron or skirt. Buckle the belt behind your back so that the apron hangs down in front.

Buy or borrow armour. You will need a silver breastplate and a helmet in the roman style. A breast plate can be rounded over the chest cavity or have muscles shaped into the metal. Either is appropriate.

Arm yourself. Add a broadsword and a shield to your costume for accuracy.

Things You'll Need

  • Red cloth
  • Sewing machine
  • Red thread
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