Preparation Tips for Royal Marines Training

Updated April 17, 2017

The Royal Marines are a branch of the UK military. They are also known as the Green Berets. They are the most exclusive and difficult branch to enter into. Royal Marines are heavily trained military men who handle both war and United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. Becoming a member of the Royal Marines takes both physical and mental strength, dedication and motivation. This article gives tips for those preparing for Royal Marines training.

Learn the language. Royal Marines speak differently than civilians. The floor is now the deck, the bed is a pit and the toilet is a head. Sleeping becomes crashing, dressing turns into getting rigged and dustbins become gash cans. It goes beyond learning what new things are; it is renaming everything that already had a name. The language is one of the most distinguishing features of the Royal Marines. Civilians do not understand their language, so it becomes a fraternity due to its exclusivity.

Get physical. Royal Marines are physically fit, to say the least. Start a physical conditioning program in order to get a head start on training. Remember, the better shape a soldier is in going into training, the easier the physical part is. It is one less thing to have to worry about if conditioning is not an issue. Running, endurance marches up to 20 miles, push-ups, pull-ups and obstacle course training are all basic parts of Royal Marines training.

Check the attitude. Learn to listen. Speak only when spoken to, and always be respectful of superiors. Don't explain, just apologise and accept punishment. More talk means greater punishment, so it's best to keep the mouth closed.

Cut ties. Make sure that family and friends understand what Royal Marines training entails. Little to no time with family, less with friends, and few days off are the life of a Royal Marine. It takes a supportive family to love a Royal Marine. Don't enter into any contracts that would interfere with involvement with the Royal Marines, such as long-term leases or participation in events in the near future. Find a home for pets, permanent or temporary.

Take a deep breath. Royal Marines training is nine months long. It will be the longest nine months imaginable. It is not easy and it won't be fun. However, in the end, being a Royal Marine will mean great camaraderie, benefits and job security.

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