How to measure concrete footings

Updated February 21, 2017

A concrete footing is the structural support under a wall which sits on top of a 10 cm (4 inch) slab. The type of soil and the size of the building determine the depth of the concrete footings. Some footings are formed and poured with a step or a jump. Pouring concrete footings stepped up or down is normal when a structure is built on a slope. There really isn't a standard formation of concrete footings, the only requirement is that they offer proper support to a structure. Measuring concrete footings only requires a tape measure.

Determine the thickness of the footing by measuring from the outside of the wall towards the inside.

Extend the tape measure to the bottom of the footing up to the height at the top of the form. This determines the depth.

Measure the depths of the different slopes in your footings if they exist. It is possible that the east side and west side slopes can measure different depths, as well as the centre depth.

Allow for stepped footings when measuring. You might have five different depths if the footings are stepped or jumped.

Measure the width of the concrete footing by placing the tape measure at the outside of the top form to the inside.

Account for any footing that raises above ground level. The wooden framed form, built to support the concrete, will extend up. Measure all the way up to the top of the form.


Concrete footings are normally two times the width of the wall and as deep as they are wide.


Properly measure the footings to ensure that you order or buy the right amount of concrete.

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